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London Tyne.
Unlocking investment potential.

We strive to make discretionary investment management a transparent endeavour. Our focus is on constructing and overseeing long-term, diversified portfolios, ensuring cost efficiency and offering complete clarity on your clients' investments.


Striving for superior performance by optimising investment returns in alignment with prudent risk management.

Safe Custody

Your clients' assets are held separately through the custodian of each individual platform provider.


Affordable excellence, offering competitive pricing that ensures cost efficiency without compromising on quality investment solutions.

Why choose London Tyne?

At London Tyne, we aren't just another discretionary investment manager (DIM). We embody a unique approach that sets us apart from the rest. Here's why you should choose us to be your partner in achieving investment success:

Size Advantage for Superior Performance

1. Size Advantage for Superior Performance:

We take pride in being a boutique investment manager. This distinct characteristic allows us to navigate the financial landscape with agility and precision. Unlike larger firms, we don't face size constraints that could limit our choices. This freedom empowers us to handpick the best managers and strategies that align perfectly with your goals, ensuring your investments are optimised for superior performance.

Dynamic Blend of Passive and Active Strategies

2. Dynamic Blend of Passive and Active Strategies:

In a world where market conditions are constantly shifting, a one-size-fits-all approach simply won't cut it. That's why London Tyne seamlessly blends both passive and active investment strategies. We adapt to prevailing market conditions, ensuring that your investments are positioned for success, no matter the economic environment.

Swift Action, Maximum Impact

3. Swift Action, Maximum Impact:

Our size gives us a distinct advantage – the ability to move swiftly. While larger firms often face bureaucratic hurdles, we excel in making quick, informed decisions. When opportunities arise or conditions change, we're poised to take action immediately, capitalising on the optimal moment for your investments.

Truly Active Management for Optimal Results

4. Truly Active Management for Optimal Results:

At London Tyne, our commitment to truly active management means we're consistently monitoring, analysing, and adjusting your investments. We don't settle for mediocrity; we strive for excellence. Our hands-on approach ensures your portfolio is constantly optimised to meet your financial aspirations.

Building Partnerships Through Relationships

5. Building Partnerships Through Relationships:

We recognise the importance of strong, enduring relationships. Just as you value the connections you've established with your clients, we believe in fostering a true partnership with you. When you choose London Tyne, you're not just hiring a DIM – you're gaining a dedicated ally who's invested in your success. Your Investment Manager is not just a service provider; they're a collaborator committed to achieving your goals.

Unburdening Your Responsibilities

6. Unburdening Your Responsibilities:

Time is your most valuable resource. We understand that nurturing client relationships and growing your business demand your undivided attention. By entrusting London Tyne with the daily management of your clients' investments, you gain the freedom to focus on what truly matters. We've got your investment management needs covered, allowing you to excel in other crucial areas of your business.

In conclusion, London Tyne isn't just an investment manager – we're a dynamic partner dedicated to propelling you toward financial success. Our size advantage, adaptive strategies, swift decision-making, truly active management, emphasis on relationships, and the liberation from investment management responsibilities all contribute to our distinct offering. Choose London Tyne and embark on a journey where your aspirations are our top priority.

Our products

Let us empower you to help your clients achieve their financial aspirations, from retiring early and acquiring their dream holiday home to funding their child's university education. By leveraging our expertise in investment management and support, you can devote more time and attention to growing your business and fostering stronger client relationships. Together, we'll pave the way for your clients' financial success, enabling them to accomplish their goals while giving you the freedom, focus, and control to thrive as an advisor.

Cautious Allocation

The investment objective is to generate a return from the income of the portfolio.
The Strategy is designed for an investor with a time horizon of more than 3 years, and
a lower tolerance for risk that regardless of market conditions would only be comfortable with a lower degree of variation or disruption to capital value or income. 

rating 4


The investment objective is to grow the capital value of the portfolioas well as to generate some degree of income. The Strategy is designed for an investor with a time horizon of more than 5 years, and a medium tolerance for risk that can accept moderate variation or disruption to capital value or current income in order to achieve their longer-term objective.


The investment objective is to grow the capital value of the portfolio. The strategy is designed for an investor with a time horizon of more than 5 years, and a higher tolerance for risk that can accept significant variation or disruption to capital value or current income in order to achieve their longer-term objective. 


* Risk ratings and scores correct as at May 2024. 

* Synaptic ratings are based on their 1-10 scale.

Bespoke Allocation

Our bespoke service is for your ultra-high net worth investors with a portfolio in excess of £1,000,000. This could be combining an existing fund, share or ETF portfolio and creating a bespoke portfolio to run alongside the existing strategy. Whilst the mandate of the portfolio is bespoke, we will still adhere to a risk profile and invest within controlled volatility targets. 

Investment Strategy

We value transparency in navigating through the natural ups and downs of investing. Our commitment is to provide you with clear insights into our investment choices and strategies.

At our core, we believe in the power of long-term, intelligent asset allocation over attempting to identify a single company that outperforms its competitors. With a focus on building globally-diversified portfolios, our expert investment team leverages a wide range of assets to create sophisticated investment solutions for your clients.

Platform Availability

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